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172 products

Horse Riding Base Layers | Active Wear Base Layers

Stay warm and comfortable while riding with our selection of horse riding base layers.  We stock top brands including LeMieux, HKM, HY, Woof Wear, Toggi, Coldstream, and Mark Todd.

Our base layers are made for equestrian use but you can wear them under your riding clothes or for everyday active wear.  Made from high-quality materials to keep you comfortable in any weather. We have base layers for everyone. 

You can wear base layers under your riding clothes to help keep you warm or cool. They help you feel comfortable while you ride for a long time. Base layers are especially good for cold weather because they keep you warm and dry. but they you can also wear them in hot weather to keep you cool.

We stock LeMieux base layers, HKM base layers, HY base layers, Mark Todd base layers, Woof Wear base layers, Toggi base layers and Coldstream base layers.

Shop our collection of base layers now and find the perfect option to enjoy your horse riding.